Chocomous: To the 'Future'

To the 'Future'

One day, when you finally show up in front of me, I’ll tell you to do this one thing. I will ask you to open my blog. I will ask you to read it from the very first post to the very end. I’ll give you some time though, don’t worry. I wont make you have to take one day out just to read my blog, never. I will not meet you during that time. I’ll let you meet my past self instead. Not every one who have known me know about it, so assume yourself a lucky one, hehe. 

I hope you have a strong heart. Cause you’ll see the process that I have to take to be the now me. And only if you can bear with it, only if you can be sure that you can accept that past me, only then we can take another step forward. If not, then we have to bid our farewell. I can’t let you take any risk to be that overly optimistic man who will think that we will be okay if you cant accept that girl, kind of person I was. That once a crazy fangirl, that sometimes overly poetic girl, that easily attached to feeling of others even a character of drama girl, that complicated girl, they are part of me. People change but still, part of them is still there, inside of me. I cant let both of us being hurt in the future. I don’t want to hide anything, and you have to know that being all out like this is very, very hard for me. 

I wont ask for more for now. Just hoping that wherever you are and whatever you do, you are always in the right path, guided and blessed. Till we meet, stay strong. 
Ini efek ngereview postingan2 lama. How crazy and embarassing I was, lol. 
But I wont deny her, I wont abandon her. She is me. I was and I am her. I want to accept her, every crack of her before any other one come to ask my permission to be her new friend. Friend for life. 

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