Chocomous: K to the Drama

K to the Drama

I know its too late for me to make an announcement.
Well so.. I'm not gonna uploading about movie, kdrama & lyrics anymore. just like I did to kpop, gd & big bang. Not for now, and then.
I know that y'all disappointed. I felt so sorry :(
But if I didn't do it now, when?
I just wanna waste my time with doing more beneficial things to my afterlife.
Remember that this dunya is temporary, and akhirah is everlasting. Don't forget about our mission in this dunya, guys. I'm not an ustadzah, but this is just an ourselves reminder. So, I hope that you guys understand why did I do that thing.

and..BIG thanks to my fellow chingudeul who joined & visited to my blog these days :)


  1. Kenapa link movienya udah ga ada kak ? :(

  2. Ok :( I understand. Ramadan Mubarak though ����❤

  3. Berbagi..apapun dmnapun..kapanpun..

  4. Salam......... i am yasser from algeria.......ramadan mobarak........i am new with your blog and let me tell u that u have all my respect for yhis dicision..
    baraka allah fik


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