Chocomous: Study The Guide, Islam

Study The Guide, Islam

As soon as the door says welcome, you begin to see your goodbye 
It’s too late to say the truth was in front of your eyes 
The knobs have turned and the future of your soul is at stake  
So blinded by the glamour that covered up all the fake 

You sold your soul for something not of worth even though 
Allah warned it was all temporary on this Earth 
But you deafened your ears 
And turned your back on His Signs Now you will truly see that 
His Promise is the most Divine He kept calling to you, asking you where you were going 

He kept saying to turn back to Him but you weren’t convinced 
Thought the truth was a game that needed to be played 
Became the villain instead of the innocent in vain  

You forgot that justice would be served no matter where and when 
And the innocents will have their rights returned with more reward than you could ever gain 
And now regret is causing you the most pain

Where we are going after life is our concern 
Only with Allah’s mercy can Jannah be earned 
But to win Allah’s mercy you gotta do your best 

Don’t be like the losers who failed the test 
The answers were right at their side If only they prepared, if only they had complied 
They would see our Professor is One of kindness and forgiving 
And you could’ve easily turned back to Him when you were living 

We call out to Him from 99 different names
Each plea He answered to, we have no reason to complain He gave us so many chances to make bonuses on the exam 
But only on one condition, study the guide, Islam.

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