Chocomous: G to the D

G to the D

Annyeong yeorobun!

There's a lot of my kpop's friends ask me about this namja. waitt..namja? yap! the one of a kind, G-Dragon.

They asked me, "why did you change your twitter's username?"

                         "why you didn't posting about him anymore?"
                         "why did you change your tumblr's name?"
                         "why did you unfollow meee?"
                         "why did you delete your 1st & 2nd instagram?"
                         and blablabla~~
                         I can't write it all.

As you can see, I've a lot of questions about him, but tbh that's all just need an answer. It's all because.. I don't wanna getting over and over and over in love with him anymore. why? ..I'm afraid that if I used 'gd', it'll reminds me of him, talking about him, getting to know his updates all the time, and qwertytybngz. enough? nono, its not enough ikr.
Just fyi, I've an ambition to be a better muslimah, to be a special muslimah in Allah's side. Just it. But well, it needs a lotttt consequences. including GD, and Big Bang ofc. I've to forget em, rn.

You did?
In process.

Is it hard?
Yup.. hard enough. GD.. he's like a habit to me. You know, HABIT. Cause of him, I've lot of friends in socmed, learning korean languange, etc!!

Can you tell me the reason that make you so hard to forgetting him?
Okay. I've known him for 6 years. But at that time, I don't like him. I hated him soo badly for no reason. See? So it's like a karma. And then 6 months after it, I listened to his song, 'This Love' (Maaroon 5's song, but gd remake that song with his own lyrics + Rapp version). I can't believe that song made by himself. It was soo awesome. Terribly awesome. Then I watched to Big Bang's MV 'Lalala' ( I saw this on mtv). GD.. he got my attention. He catched me. DEEP. I suddenly love the way he rapp, the way he danced, thaat cutiest smile, and blablabla. ( enough! ) Then I go to youtube, watching big bang documentary. Its about the journey before debut-debut-after debut. Em yaa, from nothing to be something to me.  They were so young at that time.

What about your daily updates?
Means? Big Bang's updates? Cause I'm tired. Getting and getting updates about them. Tired of waiting, streaming, posting about them. But honestly I love it. You know, when VIPs (bigbang's fanbase) waiting for my daily updates, RT my tweets, reblogging my tumblr, asked me about them. I mean I felt like, 'hey, I'm the 1st vip who knows this news!'. HAHA! (paboo yeoja =.='')
Its not a big prob for the past, bcs they wasn't so popular at that time. But for now? hufttt they're everywhere!

I grew up, I'll turning 19 this June, I've a lot of mission, I'm not 'ismi with gd' anymore.
I miss to be a fangirl..but sad to say, I won't.
I'm just a muslimah, Allah's Servant, and Muhammad's ummah. Its not just me, but all of you who read this, guys. Just a reminder..Its not a CHOICE, its a MUST.


  1. get in love with them I didn't see it as a long as you know the pro and cons to your attitude...Imma fan-girl for cnblue but I do realize the "should" and the "should not" things...

    but still...I'm proud of you babe! be a better muslimah would be more worthwhile than being a fan-girl! hwaiting! :)

  2. @Sally Samsaiman I thought so. but there's an ayah that telling me and make me sure to do that thing, "... But perhapa you hate a thing and it is good for you, and perhaps you love a thing and it is bad for you. And Allah knows, while you know not." (Al-Baqarah 216) btw, thankyouuu yaa for your support :)

  3. yah.. gitu ya kak.
    aku juga fangirl kok, tapi bukan BB. tapi exo boy band gaje yang pertama aku suka. sebelumnya aku benci *bisa diblang gitu* bgt yang berhubungan dgn korea. nah waktu exo debut, kena karma deh jadinya. tapi aku pasti jdi muslimah yang kayak kakak bilang.insya Allah :3

  4. @gebrina tasya karma jg yaaa?? kkk~ bias nya siapa di exo? :) iya, smoga jdi muslimah yang special di mataNya yaa. ganbatte!! (sama2 berjuang!!)

  5. assalamualaikum kak, salam kenal sebelumnya aku reader baru di blognya eonnie...
    eon kok aku tiba-tiba sedih ya baca postingan eon?
    rasanya pengen banget jadi muslimah yang baik tapi masih suka nyangkut ke dunia fg dan agak berat ninggalinnya :(... tapi aku pasti bakal berusaha

  6. @Citra bella I. wa'alaikumussalam. iya, awalnya emang susah ninggalinnya, terlebih lagi udh 6 thn knl sm kpop :( tpi alhamdulillah, sekarang ngerasa lbh nyaman kek gini. Cb deh step by step ninggalin hal2 yg berbau kpop dmlai dr hal2 yg kecil, misalnya nih: kurangi ngupdate ttng bias, jarang2in jg nontonin video2nya si bias(Awalnya jg nyoba kyk gitu sih. hehe. fighting yaaa !! oh ya, salam kenal jg citra :-)

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  8. @Cyndi Dwi Rahmadani Alhamdulillah, glad to hear tht :) hwaiting yaa ~! salam kenal jugaa :D

  9. i'm VIP too especially i'm GD fans like u.. now i'm 21 and i just found the way to change my life for getting a better life..
    alhamdulillah~ i got my first commitment to use hijab now.. but my second commitment to reduce watching all about k-pop still in process..
    yeah~ at first it works, i'm not update k-pop anymore, so, when my friend ask me about exo, i can't give any idea, i don't know them and i'm not gonna to know about them~
    BUT still can't forget him (GD)~ always stalk his life, over, and over and no limit to forget him.. huhuhu~ what can i do?


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