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Changed Template

Happy sunday!
Tomorrow I'll be back to my daily activities. 
Yeah, I'll be back to campus again for my 3rd semester. So excited for tomorrow :p Well I know that tomorrow we won't study yet, but it just made me happy, hehe. 
And btw, did you guys saw the different about my template? yup, I just changed it last night 'til my eyes look like a panda's now, hehe.

I was using Blogskin's template. Why did I change it to Template Designer (again) ?
Aihhh for sure, I love. love. love. my old template. tho I know there's so many weakness, but I can handle it because I know a lil bit about html coding. The reasons why I changed it to Template Designer because I'm too lazy to reupdate my blog archive, menu, etc. And the BIG reason why I changed it, because my SEO's score just 42%. :( My SEO's score before was 78%.

But now my SEO's score is going up!!Alhamdulillah,  It's 82%.
I'll make it  100% asap, inshaa Allah :)

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